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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will it take to get my orders?

A: Your product will ship the next business day after processing your order. We will use the most cost effective Shipping Service and then we will email your tracking numbers to you. You should expect your package in approximately 2 to 7 business days after processing.

Q: What kind of Warranty comes with this egg scrubbing machine?

A: The Little Egg Scrubber is an egg cleaning machine intended for the Small Backyard Egg Farmer. It is not intended for Industrial or Large Scale Egg Farmers! It is subject to a limit of 720 eggs or one hour run time per day and 356 hours of run time in a single year! Exceeding this hourly run time will void the One Year Limited Warrantee! The Little Egg Scrubber is engineered to last for years with normal use.

Q: How many eggs can this Machine clean per day?

A: The Little Egg Scrubber is intended for use by the Small Backyard Egg Farmer. It is NOT intended for Industrial use or by Large Scale Egg Farming! Its maximum capacity is 700 eggs or 1 hour run time per day. This will save valuable time and hard work washing eggs by hand.

Q: Should I presoak my eggs or not?

A: Yes, Presoak. Use enough warm water that is about 20˚F above room temperature that will cover the eggs. Add Enzyme Presoak to warm water then add your eggs & soak 15 minutes. Eggs will clean up in about 15 seconds with the scrubber. Unsoaked or dry eggs take much longer, and add excessive run time to The Little Egg Scrubber.

Q: How do I clean my egg scrubber?

A: To clean The Little Egg Scrubber, use very warm soapy water in the reservoir tray, start the Scrubber. NEVER submerge the motor! Gently wash the brushes and surfaces with a dish brush until clean, rinse well.

Q: Is this egg scrubbing machine safe to use in water?

A: The Little Egg Scrubber is designed to be safe used in water. It uses a low voltage 12v Smart Power Supply with a 6 foot long cord. You will find that this Smart Power Supply has a slight delay before the motor starts to move the brushes, this delay will be normal. It is NOT recommended to submerge the electric motor! Only 5/8 of an inch of water is required to operate the machine properly for egg scrubbing.

Q: Should I wash a cracked or broken egg with the Egg Scrubber?

A: NO! Never wash a cracked or broken egg with The Little Egg Scrubber! If an egg is cracked or broken, then the freshness and purity of the egg is in question and it should not be used. Always discard compromised eggs.

Q: What size is this scrubbing Machine?

A: The Little Egg Scrubber is 10" by 10" wide & 6" high. It's been designed to fit in an average kitchen sink and rests in the "supplied" reservoir tray that is 13.5" X 11" wide by 5/8" deep. The 2 brushes are 8 inches long and will hold 3 eggs.

Q: Some of my egg won't tumble and scrub like my other eggs do, what should I do?


A: All eggs are NOT created Equal; some eggs may have an odd or irregular shape and some eggs may be too big or too small to fit the pockets design. Unfortunately if this happens, those egg will need to be hand washed.

Q: Some eggs won’t scrub completely clean and some stains remain. What should I do?


A: If the egg won't scrub clean, even after presoaking your eggs, sometimes additional scrub time is necessary to achieve a clean stain free egg. Not all stains are removable by the scrubber. We highly recommend our NEW "Stain Remover Power Sponge” to get the perfect egg appearance you desire. Please see our Products page for more information.



We just did another batch of our neighbor's eggs. It removed all the crud and made the eggs so much more appealing! Took pics will post later. Great product!


Thanks, Mark M. From Iowa May 2017

It's a well built domestically made product that's made a huge difference in cleaning our eggs. Your scrubber has been cleaning 60-70 dozen eggs a week and has cut down the cleaning from three hours down to one.


Thanks, Carl M. From Washington State July 2017

We have been using The Little Egg Scrubber a couple of times every week. It's great and I believe I have cut washing time by about half. So far a great product and I like the design. Easy to use! All the best and I hope you sell a lot of them.


Thanks, Annie and Loui From VT Oct 2017

My husband and I have about 70 hens. We love taking care of our flock. We have been adding more and more birds every year. We have been hand washing the eggs for three years and it gets harder and harder every year. Joe says, “My back is killing me by the time I am finished washing all those eggs.” We have been looking for a US made egg washing machine for a couple of years and decided to search again this morning. We would like to stop by your shop to see the egg washer in action before purchasing one.


Update: Your son did an outstanding job with the demonstration! One week using The Little Egg Scrubber and Joe loves it. He won't let anyone else use it. LOL. We will tell all our friends and especially those that also have chickens and ducks. Thanks for allowing us to come to you last week. We really appreciate it.


Thanks, Charlene and Joe From NH Nov 2017


I purchased The Little Egg Scrubber and wow what a neat and cool device....I love the way it works and how well it cleans the eggs....plus it can handle a large batch of eggs in no time flat....it’s well built and we will be using our Little Egg Scrubber for a long time.


Thanks for a solid product, Kirk T. From Georgia Dec 2017

The device continues to scrub and make my life easier. The kids don’t even fight as much when they are forced to wash the eggs. Leg shackles and beatings haven’t been necessary since we got it.


Thanks, Robin N. From CA Dec 2017


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