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       Discover this ALL-NEW Redesigned Egg Washing Machine that Safely & Quickly Scrubs a Dozen Eggs a Minute.

This New 2.0 Model has a NEW interlocking Brush design for a larger range of egg sizes. This new unit will scrub all eggs sizes from Bantom to X Jumbo and all Duck eggs and now your smaller eggs will no longer fall down between the brushes.

This new unit also has an improved larger power supply, ON/OFF safety switch and new plate design.


       Backyard Egg Farmers can Save Valuable Time Cleaning Dirty Eggs With This Egg Cleaner!


       You just presoak your eggs for 10 minutes in warm water mixed with our All Natural Enzyme Presoak. **


This helps remove stains and organic contaminates.


       Place the Egg Scrubber in the sink, turn on the warm water let it hit the center of the top plate,*  plug the scrubber in, turn it on and place your presoaked eggs in the three green pockets.


       Let your eggs tumble and scrub on the Egg Washing Machine for 15 seconds. Remove one of the eggs, rinse and dry. Replace with another presoaked egg and repeat the process in the next pocket and so on. Then refrigerate your eggs.




     This unit is Small, Light Weight, Portable and easy to store. It is 10"X 10" wide X 7" tall and designed to fit into a small Kitchen sink.





(If spray occurs, contact us for assistance)


        The Little Egg Scrubber is an egg cleaning machine intended for the Small Backyard Egg Farmer and not for Industrial or Large Scale Egg Farmers. It has a maxumum limit of 720 eggs per day, one hour of run time or 356 hours of run time in a single year! Exceeding the hourly run time will void the One Year Limited Warranty! The Little Egg Scrubber is engineered to last for years with normal use.


   What you will get with this egg washing machine order: 


1) Little Egg Scrubber with directions, also included is a free "Stain Remover Power Sponge" and a free 4 oz. sample bottle of Enzyme Presoak, and we highly recommend both!


Water must be used while operating The Little Egg Scrubber to ensure lubrication of the brush axles.

** Another effective method replacememt for presoaking your eggs would be to slowly pour a partial bucket of very warm Enzyme Presoak Mixture over a basket of your eggs, let stand for several minutes and repeat several times within 10 minutes, before cleaning with "The Little Egg Scrubber".

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Our Enzyme Presoak is an effective method to safely prepare your eggs before Scrubbing. This is a unique blend of All Natural Enzymes, Citric Acid and Sea Salt.

      Fill a 5-gallon container with warm water 20˚F above room temperature, add 1 Tbsp. of Enzyme Presoak, stir,  then add eggs.     

     Soak for 10 minutes, now your eggs are ready for egg washing. *

Reduce the amount of Enzyme Presoak for smaller batches.

     This helps remove stains and organic contaminants, and it’s way better than using chlorine and detergents for cleaning eggs. It is 99% organic and 100% environmentally friendly.

     Please check your Local and State Laws and Regulations on soaking eggs.

  * Another effective method in place of presoaking your eggs would be to slowly pour a partial bucket of very warm Enzyme Presoak Mixture over a basket of your eggs, let stand for several minutes and repeat several times within 10 minutes, before cleaning with "The Little Egg Scrubber".

16 oz. Bottle


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This New Quail Egg Washing model will wash all quail eggs small to X-Large and will even clean smaller chicken and duck eggs.

This is the same quality unit we sell as the New 2.0 Egg Scrubber but with a few modifications.

Same brushes, but this motor has been slowed and safety bumpers have been added to prevent the smaller eggs from passing over the back of the brushes. 

This Quail Egg Scrubber has the same One Year Warrentee as our New 2.0 Egg Scrubber.


1st Gen Scrubbers with Rubber

Washer Roller Modification Kit

"Special Offer"

$70.00 OFF

Regular Price

"Refurbished Egg Scrubbers, Limited Time"

We have a limited supply of refurbished 1st Generation Little Egg Scrubbers with the New Rubber Washer Roller Kit Modification installed.

All Scrubbers have been sterilized, sanitized and have been thoroughly tested and are in like new condition.

This Refurbished 1st Gen unit will scrub all eggs sizes from Small to Jumbo, this unit will NOT wash Bantom eggs, Pullet eggs and most large Duck eggs.

All have New Motors, Power supply, Gears and Belt.

These Egg Scrubbers have the same One Year Limited Warrentee as all our new scrubbers do. Get them now because they won't last long at this price.

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This is Our Stain Remover Power Sponge. It will remove stains and marks that other sponges, scrubbers and scouring pads just won’t touch. It's not a sponge for removing crud or mud from the eggs. It should be used after The Little Egg Scrubber has been used, then remove the marks and stains. Just light strokes with this wet sponge will remove the most stubborn stains and marks with very little effort.


Please give it a try on those hard to remove stains and marks. Just use warm water and see for yourself.


You get: 12 Stain Remover Power Sponges


The size of each sponge is about 4" X 2.5" X .75"

12 Pack


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The Bloom or Cuticle is a special coating the female produces on her eggs to protect them from bacteria and other harmful contaminants.


      To remove the bloom is controversial, and there is much debate on this subject. There are no positive points to the removal of the bloom, other than getting your eggs clean and sanitary. A dirty soiled egg is never a good thing. 


      If any eggs need to be cleaned, then the bloom can be replaced with an all-natural food-safe mineral oil or it can be refrigerated.

To protect your eggs, heat 1/2 cup of Bloom Oil in the microwave for about 20 seconds in a microwave-safe cup, bowl or glass. The Bloom Oil should be lukewarm, but not hot. Use the supplied Specialized Stainless Steel Tongs to hold and coat the eggs with a small amount of Bloom Oil. While applying the Bloom Oil wear rubber gloves, also supplied. Place the egg onto a backing sheet to drain for about 30 minutes. Then take off excess oil with a paper towel and place in cartons. (Be Very Careful, Eggs Will Be VERY SLIPPERY). This will coat about 60 eggs. Place the extra drained oil on the backing sheet back into cup.

      After the egg is protected again with Bloom Replacement Oil (the consensus says) it will not need to be refrigerated for up to 30+ days as long as it is kept at room temperatures.


      In days gone by, Sailors, Pioneering and Frontiersman would coat their cleaned eggs in beeswax, oils or other coatings to preserve them for their long journeys.

      Because of this, we offer an all-natural food-safe mineral oil bloom replacement. 100% Food Grade Mineral Oil, NSF Approved.

This Bottle will restore 240+ eggs.                  

16 oz. Bottle


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      This  Bloom Replacement Oil Kit comes with a 16 oz. bottle of Bloom Replacement Oil, Two Dripping Trays that will hold up to 60 eggs and Specialized Stainless Steel Tongs for holding your eggs while applying the Bloom Oil.


      You simply heat 1/2 cup of Bloom Oil in the microwave for about 20 seconds in a microwave safe cup, bowl or glass. This will Coat 60 eggs. The Bloom Oil should be very warm, but not hot. Dip your eggs in with the 7" Tongs and coat them fully with Bloom Oil.


       Then let excess oil drip off into cup for a few seconds. Place the egg onto the Dripping Tray to drain for about 30 minutes.


      Remove egg from the tray with the tongs and wearing rubber gloves (Be Very Careful, Eggs Will Be Very Slippery). Then take off excess oil with a paper towel and place in carton. Place the extra drained oil on the backing sheet back into cup.


       Now your eggs are Bloom protected again and can be placed into your egg cartons and be kept out at room temperature for up to 30+ days.


This Kit will restore 240+ eggs, 60 eggs at a time.


1) 16 oz. Bottle

2) Dripping Trays

1) Set of SS Tongs


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Replacement Parts

Replacement Motor

This is a New Replacement Motor with a Larger Power Supply and New on/off Switch!

This New Motor will replace your old burnt out motor. If your Egg Scrubber is over a year old and the motor just is not working for you anymore, replace it with a new one.

This motor will fit old and new style Little Egg Scrubbers.

Other smaller item, like belts, gears and Quail Little Egg Scrubber motors, can be ordered by requesting it on our contact page.



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Birds given all natural feed with

NO  steroids, antibiotics or GMOs,

promote healthier birds and eggs.

Rubber Washer Roller Kit Modification

This is a modification for our 1st Genaration Little Egg Scrubber Models, It replaces the center support bar between the two brushes.

This Modification Kit helps these 1st Gen Little Egg Scrubber Models to wash smaller sized eggs. It assists those smaller eggs to roll in the pocket. Proventing them from falling into the gap between.

This Kit come with: a 9-1/8" X 1/4" SS Round bar, 4 Small Green Tubes, 3 sets of Rubber Washers, a New Drive Belt, a 12 Tooth Roller Drive Gear, a 12 Tooth Replacement Motor Gear, (6mm Bore) a 16 thooth and 12 tooth brush Gears all with Stainless Steel set Screws,  (1/4" bore) and an Instruction Diagram.


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