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Q: How long will it take to get my orders?

A: Your order ships next business day, after a 3~4 day processing period.  We will use the most cost effective Shipping Service. You should expect your package in approximately 2 to 9 business days after shipping depending on your region. International shipments will require addional shipping fees and may require import fees and will take longer.

Q: What kind of Warranty comes with this egg scrubbing machine?

A: The Little Egg Scrubber is an egg cleaning machine intended for the Small Backyard Egg Farmer. It is not intended for Industrial or Large Scale Egg Farmers! It is subject to a limit of 720 eggs  or one hour run time per day and 356 hours of run time in a single year! Exceeding this hourly run time will void the One Year Limited Warranty! The Little Egg Scrubber is engineered to last for years with normal use.

Q: How many eggs can this Machine clean per day?

A: The Little Egg Scrubber is intended for use by the Small Backyard Egg Farmer. It will Scrub 12+ eggs per minute and Its maximum capacity is 720 eggs per 1 hour of run time per day. This will save valuable time and hard work washing eggs by hand.

Q: Should I presoak my eggs or not?

A: Yes, Presoak*. Use enough warm water  that is about 20˚F above room temperature that will cover the eggs. Add Enzyme Presoak to the warm water then add your eggs & soak 10 minutes. Eggs will clean up in about 15 seconds with the Egg Scrubber. Unsoaked or dry eggs take much longer, and will add  excessive run time to The Little Egg Scrubber. *Another effective method in place of presoaking your eggs would be to slowly pour a partial bucket of very warm Enzyme Presoak Mixture over a basket of your eggs, let stand for several minutes and repeat several times within 10 minutes, before cleaning with "The Little Egg Scrubber".

Q: How  do I clean my egg scrubber?

A: To clean The Little Egg Scrubber, use 3/4" very warm soapy water in the sink, start the Scrubber. NEVER submerge the motor! Gently wash the brushes and surfaces with a dish  brush  until clean,  rinse well.

Q: Is this egg scrubbing machine safe to use in water?

A: The Little Egg Scrubber is designed to be safe used in water. The Little Egg Scrubber uses a 12V  motor, run from a 12V 4 Amp Low Voltage Smart Power Supply and plugs into a 100~240VAC (US Style  NEMA 5-15P Receptacle).  It is NOT recommended to submerge the electric motor!

Q: Should I wash a cracked or broken egg with the Egg Scrubber?

A: NO! Never wash a cracked or broken egg with The Little Egg Scrubber! If an egg is cracked or broken, then the freshness and purity of the egg is in question and it should not be used. Always discard compromised eggs.

Q: What size is  this scrubbing Machine?

A: The Little Egg Scrubber is 10" by 10" wide &  7" high.    It's been designed so it can be used in a small kitchen sink.  The 2 brushes are 8 inches long and they will hold 3 eggs at a time and wash 12 eggs a minute.

Q: Some of my egg won't tumble and scrub like my other eggs do, what should I do?

A: All eggs are NOT created Equal; some eggs may have an odd or irregular shape and some eggs may be too big or too small to fit the pockets design. Unfortunately if this happens, those egg will need to be hand washed.

Q: Some  eggs won’t scrub completely clean and some stains remain. What should I do?

A: If the egg won't scrub clean, even after presoaking your eggs, sometimes additional scrub time is necessary to achieve a clean stain free egg. Not all stains are removable by the scrubber. We highly recommend our NEW "Stain Remover Power Sponge” to get the perfect egg appearance you desire. Please see our Products page for more information.

Q: What are your Return and Refund Policy’s for the Egg Scrubber?

A: As stated above, we have a "One Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty". We will refund, repair or replace any defective parts on your Scrubber within a year of purchase. If you are not satisfied in any way with our products, please simply return them within 30 days of receiving your items and we will refund your money.


We just did another batch of our neighbor's eggs. It removed all the crud and made the eggs so much more appealing! Took pics will post later. Great product!

Thanks, Mark M.   From Iowa                                                              May 2017

It's a well built domestically made product that's made a huge difference in cleaning our eggs.  Your scrubber has been cleaning 60-70 dozen eggs a week and has cut down the cleaning from three hours down to one.

Thanks, Carl M.   From Washington State                                         July 2017

We have been using The Little Egg Scrubber a couple of times every week. It's great and I believe I have cut washing time by about half. So far a great product and I like the design. Easy to use! All the best and I hope you sell a lot of them.

Thanks, Annie and Loui    From VT                                                   Oct 2017

My husband and I have about 70 hens. We love taking care of our flock. We have been adding more and more birds every year. We have been hand washing the eggs for three years and it gets harder and harder every year. Joe says, “My back is killing me by the time I am finished washing all those eggs.” We have been looking for a US made egg washing machine for a couple of years and decided to search again this morning. We would like to stop by your shop to see the egg washer in action before purchasing one.

Update: Your son did an outstanding job with the demonstration! One week using The Little Egg Scrubber and Joe loves it. He won't let anyone else use it. LOL. We will tell all our friends and especially those that also have chickens and ducks. Thanks for allowing us to come to you last week. We really appreciate it.

Thanks, Charlene and Joe   From NH                                              Nov 2017

I purchased The Little Egg Scrubber and wow what a neat and cool device....I love the way it works and how well it cleans the eggs....plus it can handle a large batch of eggs in no time flat....it’s well built and we will be using our Little Egg Scrubber for a long time.

Thanks for a solid product, Kirk T.    From Georgia                        Dec 2017

The device continues to scrub and make my life easier. The kids don’t even fight as much when they are forced to wash the eggs. Leg shackles and beatings haven’t been necessary since we got it.

Thanks, Robin N.     From CA                                                            Dec 2017

My wife has about thirty laying hens so we were looking for a better way to clean the eggs than all the hand washing we were doing.  A Google search lead us to “TheLittleEggScrubber.com”  It seemed to be exactly what we were looking for, so we ordered one.  We have had it a few months now and have washed LOTs of eggs with it.  It works as advertised and has made the task of cleaning eggs so much easier.  We have also been very pleased with the Power Sponges:  these things are magic!  We are big fans of “The Little Egg Scrubber” and would recommend it and the "Power Sponges" to anyone who wants a better way to clean eggs.

Best Wishes, Harvey I.      From AL                                                  Jan 2018

I recommend this product to anyone hand washing eggs!  I have between 20 to 60 dozen eggs to wash each week. This week I washed graded and packed 36 dozen by myself in two hours! That includes stamping cartons, as I sell to a local store. My eggs have to be clean! I feel The Little Egg Scrubber delivered on its promise! It is small enough to fit under my sink. It seems to be well made. I have used the bubbler type egg washer before and found it to break many eggs. This little gem doesn’t have that problem. I am so glad I got mine!

Thanks Little Egg Scrubber!  John I.      From NY                          Feb 2018

Was very surprised and excited how much time this Little Scrubber saves. I wash about 50 dozen eggs a week, it was taking 4 to 5 hours. I washed 28 dozen in 30 minutes. Unbelievable!!! I will be buying another one in a few months as a backup.


Thanks, Mandy T.      From MO                                                         May 2018

Okay we've had our little egg scrubber for about a month. My husband loves the thing. LOVES! He'll often beat me to washing the eggs because this little beauty makes it easier. Take in mind the egg business is my business. My chicken sitter loved The Little Egg Scrubber when she took over for six days also.

This is a great little machine.  My husband is a commercial fishermen and improves things all the time. It's a fisherman thing, trust me. And what's scary is he's usually right about his improvements. He didn't touch The Little Egg Scrubber. I would have bet money he would try. He examined it and gave it the thumbs up. It honestly looks like something he would make.

The next review will come when we get rain in the winter with our adobe mud. But, don't hold your breathe, we're in the drought area of California.

So thank you!!   Lori F.       From California                                    July 2018

Been nearly a year now and super happy with -- MY TWO, that's right – TWO -- !!!! -- Little Egg Scrubber machines. I have several hundred hens and I cannot thank you enough for building this miracle unit. Tiny but powerful. Had one minor issue and your customer service and the phone support was superior! Looked for years for a USA made machine what was compact and reasonably priced, yours is a perfect KISS product, the best for small time producers.

Endorsement of your Machine,     Joseph R.     From MS              Feb 2019

Good morning,

I purchased a scrubber late last fall, and had to wait until this spring to give it a try as we don't put lights on our ducks. For a few years now, we've had to wash our Rouen eggs and egg laying duck eggs from Metzer farms by hand, which is very time consuming as they are pretty dirty layers. 

After I washed a few eggs, I had to get my wife and I tell her it was worth every penny! It's going to save me so much time and effort, I was absolutely ecstatic! 

Thank you again!!        Matthew K.        From IA                        March 2020

Dear The Little Egg Scrubber....

I just wanted to say that my wife literally cries with joy every time she uses the scrubber.  She is a full time RN and a full time mother of four little ones and a mother to 40+ laying hens.  I have watched her for years stay up to 1am-2am in the morning hand washing and scrubbing eggs to take and give to her medical staff at the hospital as she is know as Mother Hen RN... I let the kids give the scrubber to their mom for an early mother's day gift and I just wanted to say that you have a very meaningful product and it was worth every penny. 

Thanks Little Egg Scrubber....Best buy of a decade!!!

God Bless.........Jason F.           From NC                                         May 2020


We used the Little Egg Scrubber this morning and it was great - easy to use, efficient, and gets eggs cleaner than doing by hand. We got up to 15 eggs per minute. You have to be fast and focused to use the machine, but using it freed up two staff members to do other tasks. We love it!

Avalon Organic Gardens and EcoVillage         From AZ                 July 2020

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